Nice, France - Tramway HD (2015)

YouTube Name: ACG Travel Videos.
Sprache: Französisch.
Datum: 2. Juni 2015.
Stadt: Nizza (Frankreich).

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Lignes d'Azur
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1Nizza Straßenbahnlinie 1: Hôpital Pasteur - Henri Sappia
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The Nice tramway (French: Tramway de Nice) is a 8.7-kilometre (5.4 mi), single-line tramway in the city of Nice in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. It is operated by the Société nouvelle des transports de l'agglomération niçoise division of Veolia Transdev under the name Lignes d'azur.

Opened on 24 November 2007, it replaced bus lines 1, 2, 5 and 18. From the start, the system had 20 Alstom Citadis trains in service, providing a frequency of seven minutes. Since its inception, the number of passengers has increased from 70,000 per day in 2008 to 90,000 per day in 2011. The frequency of trams is to gradually increase from seven to five minutes, even four minutes by 2011.

Given the success of the T1 line, mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi decided to create two other lines, which are planned to go into service beginning in 2015. Line 2 is to serve the Nice airport to the west through the construction of a multimodal center and the Port of Nice to the east. Line 3 will cross the valley of the Var. In addition, the Nice Côte d'azur urban region decided to extend line 1 to the Pasteur neighbourhood.

Nice, France - Tramway HD (2015)

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