Portugal: Trams in Lisbon

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Datum: 24. November 2012.
Stadt: Lissabon (Portugal).

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Lissabon Colinas Tour
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12ELissabon Straßenbahnlinie 12E: Praça da Figueira - S. Tomé
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Lissabon Triebwagen 557, Type Remodelados.

28ELissabon Straßenbahnlinie 28E: Campo Ourique (Prazeres) - Martim Moniz
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Lissabon Triebwagen 578, Type Remodelados, markiert Graca.

Lissabon Triebwagen 551, Type Remodelados, markiert Carreira N, mit Werbung für 'Coca-Cola'.

Lissabon Triebwagen 576, Type Remodelados, markiert M. Moniz.

18ELissabon Zusätzliche Linie 18E: Cais Sodré - Cemitério Ajuda
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Markiert Ajuda.


A selection of vintage trams on the streets of Lisbon, capital city of Portugal.
Trams are seen at Graca, in the area around Lisbon's Cathedral, Rua da Alfandega, Praca do Comercio, Praca da Figueira and Martim Moniz.
The trams seen in these clips are original 1930s trams that were extensively modernised in the mid 1990s. Recorded 11th March 2004.

Details of current tram routes in Lisbon/Lisboa:
Lisbon's tram network map has seen large cuts over the last 25 years. Today it has five remaining services, which are all operated by the Carris company.

Route 12: This is the shortest route on the system and is a circular route from Praça da Figueira via Martim Moniz to the hilly Alfama district. This includes one of the steepest sections in the city, at S.Tomé. Services operate approximately four times an hour though at times only one car is used and timings can be erratic.

Route 15: P. Figueira to Algés (Jardim), which is a distance of about 10km. The terminus moved temporarily from P. Figueira to Alfândega in 2009 due to works in P do Comércio but has reverted to P. Figueira now. At Algés, there is a major bus station and a train station on the line to Estoril and Cascais, the latter accessible via a subway from the bus station. Shortly beyond the bus station, the tram terminates at a turning loop in Algés Jardim. Formerly the route extended to the west via Dafundo to Cruz Quebrada, with a branch beyond to the national football stadium (Jamor). The 15 route runs from the city largely parallel to the river Tagus estuary in a westerly direction and is the only service operated by the new Siemens articulated trams which have capacity for 210 passengers. It has a useful interchange with the rail services on the Cascais Line, with city buses and with river ferries at Cais do Sodré. As well as the Siemens articulated trams, route 15 is supplemented by services operated by smaller "remodelados" trams. In 2002, this route was being half-heartedly marketed as the Linha dos Museus (Museums' Line) as it runs reasonably close to 18 museums between the Aquarium at Dafundo (Algés) and the Museu das Comunicações, near Cais do Sodré. Some short-workings to Belém operate (using the Remodelados trams) and turn in a loop just short of the Jerónimos monastery and these were formerly designated as route 15A.

Route 18: This route ran from central Lisbon to Ajuda cemetery, north west of the city, until 3 March 2012, when it was cut back to run from Cais do Sodré, west of the city centre. Earlier, it was reported to be facing complete closure and was also threatened with curtailment at its western end at Largo do Calvário (near Sto Amaro tram depot). The route 18 had been subjected to an earlier change of city terminus, in 2009, when the starting point for this route was moved to P. Figueira from Rua da Alfândega.

Route 25: This route runs Rua da Alfândega, via Estrela basilica, to the Prazeres cemetery in western Lisbon. A 10-15 minute frequency of service is operated. In the evenings the service is replaced by mini-bus services. This is an interesting route via the hilly Buenos Aires district, past numerous embassies, an area which is otherwise off the tourist track.

Route 28: Martim Moniz to Prazeres. This is the classic tram route of Lisbon with extensive hilly and narrow streets in the Alfama district. There is also a steep, twisting section as the route leaves Lisbon centre towards Prazeres, up the Calçada de S. Francisco. Services operate about every seven minutes, though short-workings to Estrela are included in these timings. Eastbound trams for the Alfama are invariably crowded by the time they reach the Rua da Conceição in central Lisbon, so it can be wise to board in the opposite direction (towards Estrela and Prazeres) and return to the Alfama from that end of the route. Prazeres cemetery itself is itself an interesting spot and has good views across the Alcântara valley which include the Tagus bridge, the docks and Alcântara-Terra station of Portuguese Railways. Heading out of central Lisbon towards Prazeres, there is an impressively steep curve at the west end of the Rua da Conceição as the line leaves the city centre, heading west. The Estrela Park, which is 3/4 of the way to Prazeres is a pleasant spot, opposite the basilica, to break the journey.

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Portugal: Trams in Lisbon

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