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Dublin Ireland LUAS Tram/Light Rail

Benutzer: Luftschlange.
Sprache: Englisch.
Datum: 5. Oktober 2014.
Stadt: Dublin (Irland).

Das Video zeigt

Straßenbahnlinie Grün, in Richtung auf St. Stephen's Green.
Niederflurgelenkwagen 3009, Fabrik Alstom, type Citydis 301. 30 m til 40 m, auf Straßenbahnlinie Rot.


This film shows the fairly new tram network of Dublin, Ireland, which opened in 2004. The tram is promoted under the name of LUAS which stands for “speed” in Irish. As of today it consists of two lines, red and green, which have a combined length of 36.5km. Currently these two lines are disconnected, however, there are already plans on the way to connect them via a cross city section.
I found the tracks are very nicely integrated into the very beautiful city of Dublin. Also the French Citadis 301 and 402 vehicles looked nice, the service is frequent, and it seems to be well adopted and heavily used by the population. However, I found that the ride on these vehicles felt a bit rough.
The film begins at the northern terminus of the green line, which is at St. Stephen's Green, a park in the heart of the city. We go a bit southward until we reach Harcourt stations, before we turn our attention to the red line. We see some scenes going from the busy shopping district at O'Connell Street toward Connolly Station, one of two major railway stations in Dublin. From here on, the red line serves the docklands, which host the financial district of Dublin. The remainder of the film then shows the stretch from Heuston Station (the other railway station) to Four Courts with some beautiful shots around the national museum of Ireland.
Index to the film:
Green Line:
00:00 – Faiche Stiabhna / St. Stephen's Green 
01:17 – Sráid Fhearchair / Harcourt
Red Line:
02:47 – Sráid uí Chonaill / O'Connell Street
03:29 – Sráid na Mainistreach / Abbey Street
05:51 – Busáras
07:24 – Stáisiún uí Chonghaile / Connolly Station
08:33 – Duga Sheoirse / George's Dock
10:06 – Cearnóg an Mhéara (CNÉ) / Mayor Square (NCI)
11:34 – Duga Spencer / Spencer Dock
12:35 – Riding a Citadis 301 Tram from Mayor Square (NCI) to George's Dock
Heuston to Four Courts Stretch:
13:34 – Heuston Station
16:42 – Ard-Mhúsaem / Museum
18:16 – Margadh na Feirme / Smithfield
19:01 – Na Ceithre Chúirteanna / Four Courts

Dublin Ireland LUAS Tram/Light Rail

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