Lisbonne 2017

Benutzer: KochersbergTV.
Sprache: Portugiesisch.
Datum: 2017.
Stadt: Lissabon (Portugal).

Das Video zeigt

Triebwagen 559, type Remodelados, auf Straßenbahnlinie 12E, in Richtung auf Lisbonne 2017, mit Werbung für 90 anos a fazer amigos.
Standseilbahn Elevador da Glória.
Standseilbahn Elevador do Lavra.
Niederflurgelenkwagen 501, type Articulated, auf Straßenbahnlinie 15E.
Straßenbahnlinie 28E.


This short video is designed as a test for the new Panasonic Lumix GH 5 camera. In order to find out what this camera is capable of, it was used with most of settings set to automatic. In particular, it was handheld and I made no attempt at improving the stability in post-production (FCPX). In view of the strong light, a ND filter was used.. The unprocessed sound track was obtained using the internal (rather poor) mikes. Criticism welcome, even nasty

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