Metrolink Manchester New M5000 Bombardier Flexity Swift Tram

Benutzer: Michael Abbott.
Sprache: Englisch.
Datum: 14. September 2010.
Stadt: Manchester (Großbritannien).

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Manchester Metrolink
Straßenbahnlinie 2 (B & Yellow).


A new generation of trams for Greater Manchester.

A total of 94 new trams have been ordered to run across the existing network and the new lines. The first were introduced into service at the end of December 2009. A further eight trams have been ordered to run on the additional extensions to Ashton-under-Lyne and Didsbury, announced in March 2010.

The introduction of the new trams means passengers will experience quieter, smoother journeys, less crowding at peak times and a more reliable service.

Sporting bright new colours, not only do they look strikingly different from the existing trams, they bring a host of other new features such as:
- a lighter, brighter and roomier interior.
- extra legroom for most seated passengers.
- better handrails for standing passengers.
- wider doorways.
- two multi-purpose areas for wheelchairs and prams.
- clearer information displays.

Where they come from:
The M5000 Flexity Swift trams are manufactured by global transport company Bombardier at its factory in Vienna in Austria. The electrical equipment is provided by Vossloh Kiepe in Dusseldorf.

Where else they run:
Similar vehicles operate in several European cities including London, Cologne, Bonn, Rotterdam and Stockholm.

Why they are more accessible:
The new trams are compliant with Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (RVAR). This means that there is more room in circulation areas such as in and around doorways and aisles.

Key facts:
- Capacity: 206 passengers.
- Maximum speed: 80km/hour.
- Length: 28.4 metres.
- Height: 3.67 metres.
- Width: 2.65 metres.
- Weight when empty: 39.7 tonnes.
- Multipurpose areas: Two.
- Doorways: Four per side.

South Manchester Line: Trafford Bar to St, Werburgh's Road (Now Open).
Oldham and Rochdale Line: Victoria to Central Park (Now Open).
Oldham and Rochdale Line: Central Park to Oldham Mumps temporary (Now Open).
East Manchester Line: Piccadilly to Droylsden (Now Open).
Oldham and Rochdale Line: Oldham Mumps Temporary to Rochdale Railway Station (Now Open).
South Manchester Line: St, Werburgh's Road to East Didsbury (Now Open).
East Manchester Line: Droylsden to Ashton-under-lyne (Now Open).
Oldham and Rochdale Line: Rochdale Railway Station to Rochdale Town Centre (2014).
Oldham and Rochdale Line: Westwood to New Oldham Mumps (2014).
Airport Line: St, Werburgh's Road to Manchester Airport (2016).

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