Roma Tramvia ~ Rome Trams, June 2011

Benutzer: michaelinlondon.
Sprache: Italienisch.
Datum: Juni 2011.
Stadt: Rom (Italien).

Das Video zeigt

Azienda Tramvie ed Autobus del Comune (ATAC)
Straßenbahnlinie 14, in Richtung auf Termini.
Straßenbahnlinie 5 (516 & 12), in Richtung auf Termini.
Straßenbahnlinie 2 (225), in Richtung auf Piazza Mancini.
Niederflurgelenkwagen 9018, type Socimi, auf Straßenbahnlinie 19 (520), in Richtung auf Gerani.
Gelenkwagen 7107, type Stanga, auf Straßenbahnlinie 14.


Mussolini pulled up the tram tracks in the centre of Rome in 1930. (He built an inner circle line and introduced through-ticketing). There were further extensive closures in the 1960's & 70's because trams did not mix well with Roman driving habits.

Recent environmental concerns (and EU money) have seen trams make a modest comeback. A "modern tramway", line 2, opened in 1990. Line 8 has been extended. In July 2009 re-routing and a new turning circle at Termini for lines 5 and 14 saw trams return to the top of the via Cavour.

There are some modern low floor trams by Fiat (1998 & 2002) and Socimi (1990) but the backbone of the fleet is a batch of 58 articulated cars dating from 1949-54, re-built and still giving good service. Socimi went broke and its supply contract was only half completed, possibly causing the 1949-54 cars to stay in service longer than expected. The old trams are now increasingly popular with tourists.

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