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Taking Lisbon's Tram 28 At Night - Like A Roller Coaster - Pure Excitement!

YouTube Name: For 91 Days Travel Blog.
Sprache: Portugiesisch.
Datum: 4. Februar 2018.
Stadt: Lissabon (Portugal).

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Straßenbahnlinie 28E.


I think my favorite thing to do in Lisbon is to take the Tram 28 after the city cleared out from all the day visitors to Lisbon. The streets then are empty and if the conductor is in a good mood, he'll blast up and down the hills of Lisbon.

Disclosure: I haven't sped up any of the footage!

During the day we always tried to avoid taking the Tram 28 but luckily there are some other tram you could take instead. But during the day the train is always extremely packed.

Many seem to love the tracks intersecting at minute 3:22 ... if you remember, pay attention?

Have you taken the Tram 28 in Lisbon? What are some other trams you liked in the city. AND what is your favorite tram ride in the world? Please leave a comment!

Read all about the Tram 28 on our Lisbon Travel Blog:

Video Time Stamps

0:00 Start and approaching the tram operator
0:15 First curve
0:40 Tram 28 going uphill
1:01 Tram 28 Lisbon stopped by a parking car
1:57 Tram 28 views from the the back window
3:22 Intersecting Tram Tracks
4:08 Tram 28 Steep downhill
5:32 Tram very close to houses
6:05 Single Track Tram 28 with tram approaching
8:03 Tram 28 car collision?

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