Trams around Manchester

Benutzer: AffieFilms 2.
Sprache: Englisch.
Datum: 30. August 2012.
Stadt: Manchester (Großbritannien).

Das Video zeigt

Manchester Metrolink
Straßenbahnlinie 2 (B & Yellow), in Richtung auf Piccadilly.
Straßenbahnlinie Blau (stillgelegt), in Richtung auf Bury.


Manchester is a busy City. Alongside the many trains,buses and taxis that come in and out of the City, there is also the Metrolink Tram System..... take a look at a few of these trams in action, amongst the hustle and bustle of the City...
Also observe the many people going about their everyday lives, as these trams move around them and transport them to wherever they may be heading..

All footage filmed on a Sony HD Handycam

Footage owned by AffieFilms

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